Ozone News and Studies

Air quality environmental epidemiology studies are unreliable

"Scare Pollution" by Steve Milloy

Asian air pollution is our problem

New climate regulations will save lots of imaginary people

Will EPA's Proposed New Ozone Standards Provide
Measurable Health Benefits?  Dr. Honeycutt-TCEQ

Graphic from NASA illustrates USA NO2 reductions from 2005-2011

New Ozone Research from TCEQ Shows No Need To Lower Ozone Average

EPA's own study shows (non man made sources) for ozone
exceed 80% for parts of the country. Go to page 429

Lamar Smith: "EPA Relying on Secret Data" 

My Ozone Blog on San Antonio's Clean Technology Forum

Poking Holes in the ALA's "State of the Air" 

Those Dirty Trees: Why hasn't the EPA regulated them?

Science not settled: Pollutants down, ozone up in B.C.-Science 2.0

Sea Salt Increases Ozone Levels-Science Daily

Study on USA Tree VOC emissions

Kudzu Linked to Poor Air Quality-LA Times

TCEQ-Ozone and Health Effects, The Big Picture

No correlation between ozone and asthma hospitalizations

Traffic in LA-Credit: Puck90 via Flickr Creative Commons
NOAA-98 Percent Decrease in some vehicle air pollutants in LA

No, this is not ozone readings from Houston or Dallas, this is from  Sequoai and Canyon National Parks, where only a handful of people live. I love posting data from Joshua Tree and  Sequoai  National Parks because it perfectly illustrates how transported pollution causes areas with zero pollution to rise into non-attainment status even when it is not the fault of that particular location. Same goes for many areas across the country, including San Antonio.

Power Point Presentation to AACOG on San Antonio Ozone

Asian Emissions can increase ozone in USA-NOAA 

My latest blog comparing Region 6 non attainment
cities and asthma prevalence rates 

Jed Anderson asks EPA why we should be paying to clean up
foreign pollution that moves into the USA?

Asthma Rates and High Ozone?

Time to change the rules on reformulated gasoline-JS Online-4-7-12

Lawnmowers pollute as much as 11 cars-EPA Report

Pollution from vehicles is 80-90% less than in the 1970's-EPA Report


Welcome to OzoneInformation.Com. This site is dedicated to ground-level ozone education.  Our goal is to present a well balanced site of information that may not be normally distributed by media or governmental sites.

Because Texas has one of the best state ozone websites in the country, ozoneinformation.com contains a lot of ozone reports from Texas. However, much of the data can be applied to any city in the world that is experiencing ozone problems.

The founder of this site is Mark Langford, an asthmatic, who has had an interest in weather related science for most of his life. Over the past five years he has been active in learning the true roots of high ozone events in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives.  By studying rural and urban ozone monitor information, along with expensive computer modeling being funded by cities like San Antonio, Mark has learned that many cities across the U.S. are being unfairly penalized for air quality problems that are not their own.

When your area is having a high ozone event,  please check the ozone readings from small towns and rural areas using the   "current ozone levels" section of this site. There are many times when ozone is almost as high in small towns and parks as our heavily populated cities.

Since automobile emissions are 80-90% less than forty years ago according to the EPA, Mark believes that automobile emissions do not play as large of a role in ozone production as many people currently think.  Based on Mark's own research, transported pollution from "old technology" coal fire plants, pollution from as far away as China, smoke from crop burnings or forest fires and natural volatile organic compounds being emitted from vegetation appear to be the main triggers for these events.

This site will share links to studies and other information for those who are studying ground level ozone. All information presented here is from local, state or national scientific sources.

Don't forget that ozone is actually a natural way of cleansing our air and protecting us from harmful UV-b radiation. As ground level ozone is formed, it eliminates nitrogen oxide gases (NOx). NOx is emitted from coal burning power plants, motor vehicles, industrial plants and any type of agricultural or forest fire. High levels of ozone in the lower atmosphere only form when there are high levels of pollution. In the upper atmosphere, stratospheric ozone protects all life from harmful UV-b radiation.

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